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Today the world has changed we no longer live where law and education is all thatís needed.  The Internet and politics in its current form have turned to a mental disorder where me myself and I and  a political party or philosophy is more important than the basic reason for living.  Today the educational system in the legal system have been totally inadequate because society now is over educated and the legal system is interpreted in such a way that everyone is guilty or innocent depending on the ideology of the group trying to destroy or promote an agenda.

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WHY:Today's young people have never had the school of hard knocks and believe everything would be given to them.  The middle class no longer has the money to help their children including their neighbors cannot begin to hiring local people to do the skilled work they need done.  This has changed the ability to create lead time for work on the local level and is now income in feast or famine and they  cannot support the family.
The concept is because he Internet is the wild west.  57.Comís will give the public media a dot com in every state and territory.  The dot com is controlled by the zip code club mentor which will be the state board of directors that over sees its activities.  I will setup the HTML pages to get started and two library books in PDF format as well as hyper links two videos for those interested to educate themselves.  Reason is no one needs a piece of paper to be qualified as a mentor.  My point of view is to allow anyone that has the motivation and energy to be able to promote their dream of creating income as well as replaceing a mentor in a club environment.  First every club needs to be a nonprofit, the reason is it cant be sold and can be passed down to the next generation in that area.  All bylaws in rules of engagement for everyone including the mentor have to be voted on every two years.  Reason is we are in fast moving and changing world.  Yearly dues will cover the costs of running a nonprofit, more than five clubs will create a board of directorsto be upgraded as more clubs are started. When the state nonprofit is formed after 5 or more clubs all mentors will be on the Board of Directors for stateoverseeing all nonprofits.
The one thing that has not changed is the human element to create whatever is needed and I believe the American way well come back if the public media is in control by overseeing hyper links to information that is correct and indexing everything within the neck work in every state.  Let no party, religion, or special interest be in control of the public media.  When something is false and is available on this network within the state the other party will correct it.  Today we must go back to innocent until proven guilty for the mental attitude on the Internet could destroy anyone.  Future leaders need to be knowledgeable of real life and mature.  Older Americans who have raised their family and wish to be a future leader need common sense on the Internet.  No one will come forward that has the quality of a leader if their family or values in quality of life are threatened.  Giving back is not money but knowledge and wisdom as a payment two those who did it for you when you're young.

Benefits:When I had the dream years ago it was based on the neighborhood and quality of life for young people to become acclimated with humanity to learn what the family used to teach as a village.  Today because of automation and technology the areas of careers has changed.  Learning in a neighborhood about creating dreams of income with a mentor and club environments creates an atmosphere so they can fail and learn from their failures is the same as starting a new business with no knowledge.  This is based on karma and they will learn what works and what fails before learning what they want for a career.  Today the neighborhoods are the last areas of hope to bring back quality of living and life till natural Death. A dreamer has a club family his/her DNA from ancestors to create common sence when there is no family.

Reason why family is being destroyed.  ¼ million dollar debt in education or more will destroy quality of life and living.  Today the legal community looking for ways to create money have destroyed the neighborhoods interaction with each other.  It is not quality of life but liability that is the foremost problem in starting a family when youíre single person without family backup.  My dream of a concept will allow young people to find out what they want in life for a career in using their hands or their mind.

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